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Portland is crisscrossed by buses at any given hour of the day. When one of those buses loses control, it can result in a devastating bus accident that affects possibly dozens of people all at once.

Pacific Cascade Legal is the first law firm you should call if you’re in a bus accident anywhere in Portland. Our highly experienced team of attorneys can fight bus companies and transportation agencies that don’t want to admit any fault. No matter what type of bus hit you, we can handle the claim that follows.

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Navigating Portland's Different Bus Accident Cases

In Portland, numerous types of buses are used each day. The approach that we take for your bus accident case will depend on the type of bus that hit you. Using the information that you gathered from the scene of the crash, including the brand of the bus and the bus driver’s license, we can identify the type of bus and then the right way to get your case moving. You don’t have to worry, whether you were hit by a bus owned and operated by the government or a corporation.

Three of the most common types of buses on the streets of Portland are:

  • TriMet: In Portland, TriMet is the municipal corporation that handles bus, light rail, and commuter rail services throughout the city and the surrounding area. It is a public body, not a private entity, which changes some of the details of a TriMet bus accident claim.
  • School: Many children throughout the greater Portland metropolitan area use a school bus to get to and from school. If a school bus driver causes an accident, then the case will involve the school district, which is a public entity. You should work with a bus accident lawyer who knows how to handle such complicated cases.
  • Private: Buses in Portland that are not run or connected to a public body are instead owned and operated by a private entity or company. For example, charter buses and party buses that frequent the city are not associated with the city and its municipalities, not directly. We know how to take claims against private entities with powerful defense resources.

Identifying the Causes of Portland Bus Accidents

How did your bus accident happen? The answer is crucial for the development of your bus accident claim. With an investigation into the situation, our experienced team can look for evidence that proves how and why it happened, which will lead the way to liability.

Bus accidents can be caused by:

  • Bus driver inattention
  • Bus driver speeding
  • Mistakes from other motorists
  • Defective bus parts

The liable party in a bus accident can change depending on the cause, so you should work with a law firm that can take a case against all sorts of defendants. Furthermore, it is important to note that a bus company is usually held accountable for the mistakes of its drivers. In other words, if a bus driver’s mistakes were the cause of a crash, then the claim would likely be filed against the bus company that employed them, not the driver individually.

Understanding Your Rights: Damages in Portland Bus Accidents

The massive weight and size of a bus can create devastation in a crash, even if the bus is traveling slowly. As a result, most bus accidents involve severe injuries and significant property damage. The total cost associated with the crash can be significant.

In a typical bus accident claim, the damages owed to the plaintiff could include:

  • Past and future medical treatment costs
  • Lost wages and future unearned income
  • Pain and suffering
  • Vehicle repairs (property damage claim)

Our Portland bus accident lawyers are used to working on high-stakes cases that involve significant financial losses and risks. If you have been seriously injured in a bus accident, then you can trust your case to us, even if you are looking at tens of thousands of dollars — or more — in total losses. We fight to protect your rights and well-being just like we were representing ourselves.

Get Immediate Help from Portland's Trusted Bus Accident Lawyers

After a bus accident, you don’t want more stress and questions. You want real help that listens to you. At Pacific Cascade Legal, we take pride in being truly supportive and responsive. We take the time to match you with an attorney that understands your goals and is best suited to represent you during this difficult time. Client relations aren’t just a sidenote here, they are the foundation of our many years of success.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Portland Bus Accidents

  • What is the deadline to file a TriMet bus accident claim in Portland?
    In Oregon, most injury claims filed against an entity associated with the government or a public body are held to a brief 180-day statute of limitations. Given that TriMet is a public body, you could have only about 6 months to start your TriMet accident claim before you lose the right to seek compensation forever.
  • Do lack of seatbelts on buses increase injury risks?
    Most buses are not equipped with seatbelts. The passengers are meant to be protected mostly by the sheer size of the bus if a collision happens. However, in particularly violent crashes or rollovers, bus passengers can face a high risk of severe injury due to the lack of seatbelts.
  • Can I hold other drivers accountable for a bus accident?
    We can’t assume that a bus accident was caused by the bus driver. An investigation might reveal that the other involved vehicle is to blame, like a driver who cut in front of the bus when there was no room to stop.

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