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Everyone wants to plan for the future, but not many people know just how to do it. Thankfully, the law has created various legal avenues to do just that through estate planning.

At Pacific Cascade Legal, our Pacific Northwest estate planning attorneys can help you get your plans started. We take pride in being able to create custom estate plans for every client that meets their exact needs and expectations. To make the best possible estate plans, we start by sitting down with you, getting to know you better, and genuinely understanding what it is that you want out of your plan and how that will benefit your loved ones.

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Support for Any Estate Planning Issue

The purpose of an estate plan is to allow you and your loved ones to anticipate some challenges and concerns that might come up in the future, as well as to plan for positive life changes. Using various legal tools, our attorneys can ensure the estate plan we create fulfills its purpose to the best of its ability.

You can come to us for help with the following and more:

  • Wills: The most basic function of a will is to allow you to decide who should be the primary manager of your estate once you pass away and decide what property will go to which beneficiaries. It can also discuss who will assume some of your private responsibilities. Most estate plans should include a will, which can be updated as years go by.
  • Trusts: A trust names an individual as a trustee who will hold certain assets and responsibilities in your name. When you pass away, the trustee will be responsible for passing those assets to other beneficiaries if needed. Trusts are often used in conjunction with wills because trusts can give highly detailed instructions and information.
  • Probate: After you pass away, the will in your estate plan will go through probate for judicial review. This step is used to make certain that the will does not contain any unlawful requirements and that it was made in good faith and while you were in a good state of mind.
  • Asset protection planning: When making an estate plan, you can take extra steps to protect and manage certain assets that could be lost due to estate taxes, retirement planning issues, and other complications. Tell our Pacific Northwest estate planning lawyers about the most important assets in your estate, and we can look for the best ways to secure them.
  • Charitable planning: People with considerable financial assets sometimes want to use an estate plan to donate to charity as a final way of giving back. We can help you make these arrangements based on the details of your estate. You can also use charitable planning to reduce the overall value of your estate to protect certain benefits like Medicaid coverage.
  • Conservatorship and guardianship: You can use your estate plan to decide on guardianship and conservatorship. A guardianship determines who will care for your child or dependents when you pass away. A conservatorship can be used to decide who will help take care of your responsibilities like financial decisions when you cannot due to incapacitation.

Do You Need an Estate Plan?

Are estate plans only for the rich? Not at all. Most people can benefit from an estate plan without even factoring in their finances and assets. If you have children, a home, a retirement plan or pension, or a small business, then you can benefit from an estate plan. The same is true if you have specific medical needs or are reaching an older age where medical conditions might become a more common concern. When all these factors are considered, it is simple to see that most anyone should have an estate plan made by a professional estate planning attorney.

Consult Our Pacific Northwest Estate Planning Lawyers

The sooner that you start thinking about making an estate plan, the easier it will be to use the right tools for your unique situation. Call (888) 981-9511 now to connect with Pacific Cascade Legal. We are here to make sure your estate plans are created to your expectations, so you and your family feel more comfortable with whatever the future might bring.

Make an estate plan that hits all the right notes. Call (888) 981-9511 to find out how.

Estate Planning FAQ

  • When a trust is made, are its terms permanent?
    Some trusts can be edited once they are created, which are called revocable living trusts. If a trust is irrevocable, though, it cannot be changed. You should not finalize and sign a trust without first reviewing it with an estate planning lawyer.
  • What are estate taxes?
    Each state will claim a certain portion of an estate’s value when the owner passes away through estate taxes. Estates under a certain value can avoid most or all estate taxes, though. We can help minimize the tax impacts on your estate, so the largest amount of your property goes to your family, not to the state.
  • What does it mean if you pass away intestate?
    If you pass away without creating a will, it is called “passing away intestate.” Without a will, probate is essentially unavoidable because the court will need to get involved and determine the right way to distribute your assets to beneficiaries.
  • Can probate be avoided?
    Probate is usually not entirely unavoidable. The court will want to look at a will at least once. With careful estate planning, though, you can minimize the risk of getting caught in a lengthy probate process, which your loved ones will appreciate.
  • What is a power of attorney?
    A power of attorney gives someone authority over certain decisions that you would normally make but cannot due to incapacitation. Powers of attorney can take various forms based on what you want that person to do for you. For example, a medical power of attorney will let them make your decisions regarding your final medical care.

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