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Legal conflicts pit two parties against each other in pursuit of compensation and/or justice. While any case or lawsuit is stressful for this reason, family law disputes are perhaps the most intense. No one wants to fight a family member or loved one in or out of court, yet that is exactly the goal in a family law case.

Pacific Cascade Legal offers compassionate and professional family law case guidance and representation to people throughout the Pacific Northwest. We would be happy to assess your case and find the right path forward for you. While you will enjoy your varied legal talents, you will also appreciate our knack for resolving case conflicts amicably. The goal is to end your family law dispute in your favor while also allowing you to continue your relationship with the opposition, such as your spouse or another family member.

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How Our Family Law Attorneys Can Help

Family law is a legal concept that encompasses a large variety of different case types and conflicts. Furthermore, a family law court must be used to resolve the conflict because it is not a criminal case nor a civil injury case. When you have a family law dispute that needs solving, you should only work with an attorney who has training that specifically applies to family law. In doing so, you could give your case a better chance of ending in a way that benefits you.

We can handle virtually any family law case, such as:

  • Divorce: The dissolution of a marriage does not have to be a painful process. Learn about how to move through a divorce with compassion and cooperation by putting our attorneys in charge of it. No matter the intricacies of your case, we will keep your best interests in focus from start to finish.
  • Child custody: Who should be the parent that retains parental rights and responsibilities over your children when your divorce or separation finalizes? Child custody will decide this important question. For questions of child custody, the court is only concerned with what is best for the child, not necessarily what is preferred by either parent.
  • Child support: The parent of lesser income or who has greater parental responsibilities might receive child support payments from the other. The goal of child support is to make sure that children in a divorce can continue living comfortably and pursuing their interests like sports and clubs, even when the parents are divorced. Failing to pay child support can constitute a crime, too, so it is crucial that you meet all obligations if you are the payor.
  • Spousal support: Similar to child support, spousal support can be awarded to the spouse of lesser income after a divorce is finalized. The purpose of spousal support is to prevent a spouse from experiencing a sudden and jarring lifestyle change because of the divorce. Courts are more likely to approve spousal support when the spouse of lesser income would be at an understandable risk of financial disparity without it.
  • Property division: Most states follow an equitable property rule when deciding how to divide marital property in a divorce. Under this rule, the property must be divided based on what is fair, which is not always the same as what is equal. When representing you, our Pacific Northwest family lawyers can work to make sure that no important marital property is incorrectly given to your spouse.

    Family Law Mediation

    Going to court with a family law case can be an expensive and emotionally devastating experience for all parties involved. If it can be reasonably avoided, then it should be. Family law mediation is one way that you might be able to keep your case out of the courtroom as it progresses.

    Mediation involves both parties – like two divorcing parents – working with a neutral mediator to negotiate the terms of their family law case. During mediation, both parties agree to collaborate in good faith and toward a reasonable solution. If this is done with merit, then there will be a good chance that the mediation succeeds. If one party will not budge on one or more of the contended topics, then family law litigation might be necessary.

    Let Us Protect Your Best Interests

    You can depend on our family law attorneys for any sort of case and no matter where you live in the Pacific Northwest. We are here to make sure that your case moves toward a positive solution without stirring up more trouble for you and your family. This is what we have done for countless clients and across many years of practice, so we would like to get the chance to do the same for you, too.

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    Family Law FAQ

    • Can my spouse pay my attorney fees in the family law case?
      In some family law cases like divorces, one spouse might be ordered to pay the attorney fees of the other. This payment order usually happens if one party has no disposable income of their own, like a spouse who did not work while married.
    • How long does it take to get a divorce?
      The time it takes to start and end a divorce will vary significantly from case to case. Many different factors will slow down or speed up the timeline, such as the value of marital assets, whether or not your spouse wants to cooperate, and so on. We cannot promise that your divorce or family law case will end by a certain time, but we can say that we will do whatever we can to remove obstacles and delays.
    • Why should I establish paternity?
      In child custody and child support cases, the question of paternity can come up if it was never clear or exact. For example, a man might want to take a paternity test to establish child custody rights if his ex-spouse tries to say he is not the biological father of his child. Or a woman might want her ex-spouse to take a paternity test if he claims he is not the biological father and that is why he should not have to pay child support.
    • Do I need legal grounds to file for divorce?
      No state requires you to give specific reasons when filing for a divorce. You can say that you have “irreconcilable differences” and leave it at that. However, if you do have specific reasons or grounds for filing a divorce petition, then you should tell our attorneys. It might come in handy when building your case later.
    • Do grandparents get visitation rights?
      Family law courts typically agree that grandparents have an inherent right to visit and see their grandchildren. If your child is preventing you from seeing your grandchild, then you might have to take legal action through a visitation lawsuit.

    Get all your questions about family law cases answered by professionals. Contact us today.

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