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The Hidden Costs of Buying and Selling a House

Tuesday, November 28th at 12pm Noon PST

Speakers: Director of Client Partnerships, Steve Altishin, and Principal Broker, Eileen Hutchinson

Steve Altishin Eileen Hutchinson

Don’t miss out on our free webinar experience as Principal Broker, Eileen Hutchinson, joins us to discuss strategies for making the house buying and selling process as smooth and cost-effective as possible when navigating a family law matter. During this webinar, Eileen will be addressing the following:

  • Hidden costs associated with buying and selling a home
  • The costs of preparing a home for sale
  • How a home inspection differs from a home appraisal
  • Why a home appraisal is required from your mortgage lender
  • How a home inspection can save you money in the long run
  • Loan Origination Fees; what they are and how they are based.
  • What to expect from closing costs
  • Considerations about homeowners insurance and homeowner association fees

You’ll be able to interact with and ask Eileen any questions that you may have in real time at the end of the webinar—you won’t want to miss it!