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Preparing For Custody Study, Parenting Coordination, Parenting Class and Mandatory Mediation in A Family Law Case

Thursday, May 9th at 12pm PDT,

Speakers: Director of Client Partnerships, Steve Altishin, and Family Law Attorney, Sarah Bain

Family Law Attorney, Sarah Bain, will be joining us to discuss what will be expected from a parent education class and other mandatory court ordered meetings in a family law case.

During this webinar, we will be addressing the following:

  • Custody study interviews
  • Parenting coordination meetings
  • Parenting classes
  • Mandatory mediation sessions
  • What the court can order in cases involving minor children
  • Pitfalls of misrepresentation
  • How to treat and engage with evaluators and mediators
  • How you can prepare for these meetings and classes and get the most out of them
  • How to prepare for home visits
  • …and much more!

You’ll be able to interact with and ask Sarah any questions that you may have in real time at the end of the webinar—you won’t want to miss it!