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A divorce can be one of the most demoralizing processes you ever endure. At Pacific Cascade Legal, we don’t think it has to be, though. With the guidance of our Pacific Northwest divorce attorneys, you will find that divorce can be a mostly positive experience. After all, you should never feel trapped in a relationship that no longer makes anyone happy.

We have years of experience working on all types of divorce cases for our clients. The focus is always to prioritize each client’s best interests, which vary from case to case. At the start of your divorce case, we will want to take the time to get to know you, your family, and your priorities, so you will feel confident and comfortable as matters progress.

Different Types of Divorces We Handle

Not all divorces are the same. In fact, there are many different types of divorce that can arise, depending on the backgrounds of the involved spouses. Regardless of the details that go into your divorce, our legal team can guide and represent you throughout it.

We can manage any type of divorce or dissolution case, including the following and more:

  • Annulment: An annulment is a specific ending to a marriage that makes it as if the marriage never took place. Typically, annulments are only possible when new information comes to light that removes the previous legitimacy of the marriage, such as if one of the spouses was a minor at the time.
  • Military divorce: Deployment with the United States Armed Forces doesn’t mean you cannot get a divorce. With an attorney’s help, you can progress your divorce, whether you or your spouse are deployed or located in another state while staying on a military base. We proudly serve and salute our clients in the Armed Forces.
  • High-asset divorce: Every divorce can get complicated, but divorces involving a large number of assets are even more likely to become complex. We can help you go through a high-asset divorce and protect the property that you believe should rightfully belong to you when everything is said and done.
  • Uncontested divorce: As mentioned, not every divorce has to be stressful and painful. Many divorces can remain uncontested, which means that the spouse who receives the divorce petition agrees to its clauses in full. With careful planning and our representation, you can increase the chances that your divorce is uncontested and ends sooner than later.
  • Contested divorce: If a divorce petition is not accepted in full after it is served, then the divorce becomes contested. At that point, the two spouses will have to find a way to settle their differences. Ultimately, a contested divorce can go to trial for a resolution. Our divorce lawyers can work diligently to keep your divorce out of court, which is time-consuming and costly for both spouses.

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Advice for Starting a Divorce

For many people, the first step in a divorce is the most difficult because it makes the concept of ending a marriage more tangible. If you are feeling hesitant about filing for divorce, then knowing how to prepare for it can help.

We suggest that anyone who wants to soon file a divorce start with these steps:

  1. Open a P.O. box: If you are worried about your spouse seeing information from your divorce lawyer before you are ready to officially file a divorce petition, then we suggest you open a post office (P.O.) box. Use it to store confidential legal information and communications, as well as copies of your financial records that will be needed later in your divorce.
  2. Carefully review your financial accounts: You should open private checking and saving accounts if you share your current accounts with your spouse. Inform the bank staff that you do not want your spouse knowing about the separate accounts because you might be filing for divorce soon. You might also want to open a new credit card in your name, so you can make certain purchases while the divorce is pending and if you do not make the most income in your household.
  3. Catalog important assets: Using your smartphone, you should start a catalog of important and high-value pieces of property and assets. For example, family vehicles, expensive electronics, small business ownership, stock options, and more should all be noted. Technically, there should be two lists: one for the property that you brought into the marriage yourself, and one for shared marital property.

If you have any questions about how to start a divorce and if you should file for one, then please feel free to reach out to our firm. You can dial (888) 981-9511 and connect with our Pacific Northwest divorce attorneys at any time.

What are Prenuptial & Postnuptial Agreements?

Are you worried about the trouble that a divorce could cause for your marriage, even though you aren’t married yet? Or are you married and concerned about divorce complications despite feeling happy and content with your marriage now? You are not alone. Many people get nervous about how divorce could theoretically be a problem far in the future.

Prenuptial and postnuptial agreements can be used to solve this common problem. Both agreements outline a few steps to take in divorce, such as how to handle spousal support and property division, just in case it ever happens. The difference is that a prenuptial agreement is made before the marriage is official, and a postnuptial is made after.

Married couples tend to feel happier in their marriages after a prenuptial or postnuptial agreement is made because it settles their nerves. A little preparation can go a long way in any situation, including marriages.

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Let our Pacific Northwest divorce attorneys guide you through the dissolution of your marriage. When we work on a case, we provide more than just legal counsel and professional insight. We also happily show our clients genuine moral support and life advice because we see them each as close friends, not a case file.

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