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Bankruptcy Can Be Good – Let Us Show You

People are often scared to file for bankruptcy because they’re told their entire lives that it is a terrible financial situation to be in. At Pacific Cascade Legal in Vancouver, WA, our bankruptcy lawyers are on a mission to shed some light on the truth of bankruptcy. When bankruptcy is done right with the help of a professional bankruptcy attorney, it can be an overwhelmingly positive experience. If you are tired of running from creditors and shaving only pennies off extreme debt, then it is time to see the positive sides of bankruptcy for yourself.

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Top Five Bankruptcy Benefits

Bankruptcy can bring significant benefits, including:

  1. Immediate stop to all forms of creditor harassment and contact attempts.
  2. Potential to protect your home from foreclosure.
  3. Discharges debts and/or rearranges them to be more affordable each month.
  4. Protects certain assets from repossession.
  5. Ability to quickly rebuild your credit score if it is damaged when you originally filed.

Bankruptcy can have its risks, too. Pacific Cascade Legal was founded on the principles of honesty and open communication with our clients. We will take the time to inform you about bankruptcy’s potential risks before you file, so there will be no surprises. Of course, we will work diligently to find the best bankruptcy plan for you to keep those risks as minimal as possible.

Different Forms of Bankruptcy

When filing for bankruptcy, the process isn’t as simple as going to bankruptcy court and asking for help with your debt. To begin, you will need to know what chapter of bankruptcy is right for your situation. There are many different bankruptcy chapters. We would be happy to help you determine which one will help you the most.

Three of the most common bankruptcy chapters are:

  • Chapter 7: Sometimes called liquidation bankruptcy or “fresh start” bankruptcy, Chapter 7 is useful for people with overwhelming debt that they want to try to discharge all at once.
  • Chapter 13: Sometimes called the “wage earner’s” bankruptcy, Chapter 13 is useful for people with a reliable income and the ability to manage a carefully created repayment plan.
  • Chapter 11: Chapter 11 is a form of bankruptcy specifically for business owners, including small businesses and corporations. It allows the company to reduce its debt while still operating the business.

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Our Vancouver, WA bankruptcy attorneys are passionate about helping people find ways out of heavy debt through effective bankruptcy filings. If you’re feeling stuck in debt and worrying about your financial future, please reach out at your next opportunity. Bankruptcy could be the positive move you need to get the debt-free tomorrow that you, your business, and your family deserve.

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Vancouver, WA Bankruptcy FAQ

  • Can I discharge student loans through bankruptcy?
    Student loans are typically not discharged through bankruptcy. However, there are special circumstances that could allow you to reduce or reorganize student loan debt, such as through the use of an adversary proceeding. For details about how bankruptcy could affect your student loan debt, speak with our bankruptcy lawyers today.
  • What is a 341 meeting of creditors?
    During a 341 meeting of creditors, the debtor and their attorney meet with the bankruptcy trustee and any creditors interested in attending to discuss what debts they are trying to discharge. The debtor will present facts about the bankruptcy and why it is necessary. Attending creditors can use the meeting to try to negotiate a bankruptcy plan that works for all parties. When successful, a 341 meeting of creditors can help ensure that the bankruptcy proceeding runs much more smoothly and with a lower chance of a legal contest that requires courtroom litigation.
  • What is Chapter 12 bankruptcy?
    Chapter 12 bankruptcy is similar to Chapter 13 but it can only be used for “family farmers and family fishermen.” If you aren’t part of a family agricultural or fishing company or industry, then you probably can’t use Chapter 12 nor would it benefit you.
  • Do I lose everything if I file for bankruptcy?
    Filing for bankruptcy doesn’t take away all of your property and give it to creditors and the bank. Depending on your financial situation, the bankruptcy chapter you use, and the bankruptcy exemptions that apply to your case, you could hold onto much of your most important possessions, including real property, automobiles, and more. Every case is different, though, so it is safest to speak with a bankruptcy lawyer about what you could risk with bankruptcy.

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