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See That Bankruptcy Can Be a Positive Experience

If you ask our Oregon City bankruptcy lawyers from Pacific Cascade Legal, we will tell you that bankruptcy has an unfair and unfitting reputation. It is often portrayed as a path to financial ruin. The truth is that bankruptcy can be overwhelmingly positive for many people with heavy debt. If you’re in that sort of situation, then we would be honored to get the chance to show you how bankruptcy can help.

We have been standing by the side of bankruptcy clients for decades of combined practice experience. In the many cases we have successfully handled, we have helped people through all sorts of difficult financial situations. No matter what trouble you are in right now with debt and creditors, you can be sure that we can find a way forward that prioritizes your best interests and protects as much of your property as possible.

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Great Benefits of Bankruptcy

Do not write bankruptcy off as a bad thing the moment it is suggested. With professional guidance and representation from our bankruptcy lawyers, we know that you can find and appreciate its benefits. For many of our clients, the benefits come as a surprise but a welcome one.

Filing for bankruptcy can help by:

  • Reducing or eliminating unsecured debt
  • Restructuring debt into easier payment plans
  • Adjusting vehicle loans and mortgages
  • Stopping creditors from harassing you
  • Protecting your home from disclosure
  • Blocking unfair wage garnishment

If you are feeling the pressure from heavy debt or constant creditor and debt collector pestering, then you could stand to benefit quite a lot by filing for bankruptcy. Some of the benefits – like the banning of creditor contact attempts – occur immediately when you file, so it is always better to explore your options sooner than later.

Basic Steps for an Oregon Bankruptcy

People often steer clear of bankruptcy because the first step can be so intimidating. We know that once you have our Oregon City bankruptcy lawyers by your side and leading the way, though, starting bankruptcy won’t feel as daunting. We can prepare you for each step and walk you through each. When dealing with the court or creditors, you can put us in charge of everything and act on your behalf, too. This way, you can continue to focus on other parts of your life while we handle your bankruptcy case.

The basic bankruptcy process in Oregon usually includes these steps:

  1. Collect copies of your financial records and necessary bankruptcy forms.
  2. Attend a credit counseling session, which is usually needed before you can file for bankruptcy.
  3. Complete all bankruptcy forms and prepare filing fees.
  4. File the completed forms to the correct bankruptcy court.
  5. Meet with creditors to discuss the need for bankruptcy and future plans.

After meeting with creditors, the steps involved in a bankruptcy case can start to vary more significantly. No matter which direction your case is headed, you will be ready because we will be right there with you.

Who Should File for Bankruptcy?

Bankruptcy is a great option for resolving debt for many people, but it should not always be the first option. Other debt resolution methods might make more sense for your financial situation. When you come to Pacific Cascade Legal, you can rely on our professional attorneys to decide if filing for bankruptcy is the right choice. We always prioritize your best interests.

Before filing for bankruptcy, we will want to consider:

  • The type and severity of debts that you possess.
  • What property of yours could be affected, like an automobile that could be repossessed.
  • If your pensions, retirement plans, or life insurance policies would be kept intact.
  • How many people co-signed on your loans and how bankruptcy could affect them.
  • Whether Chapter 7, 13, or 11 bankruptcy could help your situation.
  • Other less intrusive or intense debt relief options that might help.

Learn About Chapter 7 & Chapter 13 Today

Most individuals who file for bankruptcy will use Chapter 7 or Chapter 13. Each chapter has its advantages and potential complications. Which one is right for you?

Remove the guesswork from your bankruptcy case by teaming up with our Oregon City bankruptcy lawyers. We can review your unique financial situation to see what bankruptcy options are the best, assuming that bankruptcy is the right choice at all. Thanks to our experience and resources, we can handle even the most complex and high-value bankruptcy cases.

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