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Car accidents are an unfortunate reality, and no one is ever fully prepared for the aftermath. If you or a loved one has been the victim of a car accident, you know that the consequences can be devastating. Injuries, medical bills, and lost wages can add up quickly, not to mention the emotional trauma that often accompanies these crashes.

At Pacific Cascade Legal, we understand how much is at stake after a car accident, which is why we are committed to helping victims and their families recover the compensation they are owed. Our Oregon City car accident lawyers have the necessary experience and resources to handle even the most complex cases. We know how to navigate the legal system and will work tirelessly to ensure your rights are protected.

Common Types of Car Accidents

A car accident, also known as a traffic collision or car crash, is an incident in which a vehicle collides with another vehicle, pedestrian, animal, object, or structure, resulting in damage to property, injury, or even death.

Common types of car accidents include:

  • Rear-end collisions: These occur when one vehicle strikes the vehicle in front of it from behind, often due to following too closely or failing to stop in time.
  • Head-on collisions: These happen when the front ends of two vehicles collide, often resulting in severe injuries or fatalities, especially at high speeds.
  • Side-impact collisions (T-bone accidents): These occur when the front of one vehicle strikes the side of another vehicle, forming a "T" shape. These can happen at intersections or when one driver fails to yield the right of way.
  • Single-vehicle accidents: These involve only one vehicle and can include running off the road, hitting a stationary object like a tree or pole, or rolling over.
  • Multi-vehicle pileups: These accidents involve three or more vehicles and often occur on highways or freeways, typically due to reduced visibility, adverse weather conditions, or driver error.
  • Rollover accidents: These happen when a vehicle flips onto its side or roof, often occurring during sharp turns or collisions at high speeds.
  • Sideswipe collisions: These occur when the sides of two parallel vehicles come into contact, often when one vehicle drifts out of its lane.
  • Pedestrian or cyclist accidents: These involve a vehicle colliding with a pedestrian or cyclist, often at intersections or crosswalks.

Common Causes of Car Accidents

Car accidents can occur due to a variety of factors, involving human error, environmental conditions, or mechanical failures. Here are some of the common causes:

  • Distracted driving: This is one of the leading causes of car accidents. Distractions such as texting, talking on the phone, eating, adjusting the radio, or interacting with passengers can divert a driver's attention from the road, increasing the risk of a collision.
  • Speeding: Driving at speeds higher than the posted limit or too fast for road conditions reduces a driver's ability to react to hazards and increases the severity of accidents.
  • Driving under the influence (DUI): Operating a vehicle while under the influence of alcohol or drugs impairs judgment, coordination, and reaction time, significantly increasing the likelihood of accidents.
  • Reckless driving: Actions such as tailgating, weaving in and out of traffic, running red lights or stop signs, and aggressive maneuvers increase the risk of collisions.
  • Poor weather conditions: Adverse weather conditions such as rain, snow, ice, fog, or strong winds can reduce visibility, decrease traction, and make roads slippery, leading to accidents if drivers do not adjust their speed and driving behavior accordingly.
  • Fatigue: Driving while tired or drowsy can impair a driver's ability to focus, slow reaction times, and increase the likelihood of falling asleep at the wheel, leading to accidents.
  • Failure to obey traffic laws: Ignoring traffic signals, signs, and rules of the road, such as failing to yield, improper lane changes, and illegal turns, can result in accidents.
  • Mechanical failures: Malfunctions or defects in vehicle components such as brakes, tires, steering, and lights can contribute to accidents, especially if drivers fail to properly maintain their vehicles.
  • Inexperienced drivers: Lack of driving experience and knowledge of road rules and safe driving practices can increase the likelihood of accidents, especially among younger or newly licensed drivers.
  • Poor road conditions: Potholes, uneven surfaces, debris, and poorly designed or maintained roads can create hazards that contribute to accidents.

How Our Firm Can Help

When you choose our Oregon City car accident lawyers to handle your case, you can be confident that you are getting the best possible representation. We will conduct a thorough investigation into the accident and gather all available evidence. We know how to negotiate with insurance companies and will work tirelessly to ensure you receive a fair settlement. If necessary, we are not afraid to take your case to court. We have successfully litigated many car accident cases and will fight for you from start to finish.

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