Summer Fun for Families and Single Parents

child riding tricycleSummer is a special time of year. The kids are out of school, the weather is perfect, and the family has ample opportunities for vacations and outdoor activities. But if you’ve recently gone through a divorce, you may be concerned how summer activities will change now that the family dynamic is different.

If you are a solo parent, you can still give your children a memorable and fun summer; there are just some considerations to make before you do. For example, you may want budget-friendly activities, or events that take place before or after work. Fortunately, there are many activities which are family-friendly, easy on the wallet, and happen on the weekends or after work.

Movie Night

Many cities have summer events in local parks, such as concerts and movies. These are great activities the entire family can enjoy that provide free entertainment. Additionally, you can pack a picnic or meet up with friends to make a special night out of it.

Small Gatherings, Big Fun

The local farmers market has a plethora of things for children to see, touch, and taste. They can meet local business owners and get more involved in the community, even at a young age. There’s no cost to peruse the farmers market, and it exposes your children to the unique crafts and goods created right in your own neighborhood. Or let your child pick out their vegetables for dinner and have them help with cooking later. Getting them involved in the process might encourage picky eaters!

Festivals And Events!

Most communities have an events page that you can peruse. Keep an eye out for festivals and events listed that are free or budget-friendly. Many communities host 4th of July parades, for example, and some even offer free admission for firework shows!

Go For A Ride

One of the best parts of summer is that daylight lasts longer. That means you have plenty of time to spend with the family after you get home from work. Rather than sit down in front of the television after dinner, go on a bike ride around the neighborhood.

Go To A Game

Many communities have local sports teams, and the cost of attendance is often free. If your family enjoys sports, catching a baseball game could be a fun way to spend an evening or weekend afternoon.

Explore Nature

If you’re fortunate enough to live close to a forest, a river, or the beach, you’ve got tickets to an adventurous day! Take your children out and explore all that nature has to offer. As long as you’re careful to avoid park fees, hiking and playing in the water is a free way to keep your family busy and use up that extra energy!

Family dynamics change after a divorce, but time with your children doesn’t have to suffer because of it. There are many ways to enjoy quality family time that are simple, easy and fun.