Spousal Interference During Divorce

man hiking on roadWhen you start the divorce process, it could feel like walking along a lonely road through a thick fog. You don’t know where to step next or what lies at the end of the road. Some divorces are smooth from start to finish, and the marriage ends amicably. For others, divorce might be more challenging. If you believe your spouse may cause problems during the divorce, these are a couple of situations you might encounter.

Can my spouse keep me from getting a divorce? No, they cannot. However, your spouse could challenge things in the divorce, such as spousal support, custody arrangements and division of property. When the parties disagree, this can delay the divorce proceedings. So while your spouse cannot keep you from getting a divorce, they could draw out the process.

Can I get a divorce if I don’t know where my spouse is? Yes, but you will need to show a judge that you tried in several ways to find your spouse before the judge will allow the divorce to proceed. If your spouse can’t be located for a personal delivery of the divorce papers, you will still be able to end the marriage. However, you won’t be able to finalize child support or other terms which require your spouse to pay money.

Divorce could feel like a confusing process with no discernable end in sight. But it doesn’t have to. The experienced attorneys at Pacific Cascade Law know how to help you achieve a successful outcome. Reach out to our team for help and to ensure your needs are represented.