Are People Happier After Divorce?

man and child walking through forestYour life will undoubtedly change after a divorce. How it changes is up to you, though. A divorce could feel like a permanent stormcloud hanging over your head, or be a catalyst for a better life. Your post-divorce life is completely in your hands, and there are ways to take a turbulent time and turn it into a positive.

Learn to be a better parent

Some people may stay in a marriage for the benefit of the children. But when you do this, it only makes things harder for everyone, including the children. If you are miserable due to an unhappy marriage, your children will pick up on those feelings. When you are happier after your divorce, it will not only change your attitude and behavior, but help you be a better parent.

A positive outlook

Even if you’re not happy about being divorced, you will probably lead a happier life. When the stress and negativity surrounding a strained marriage is gone, there is room for new, positive opportunities to enter your life.

Choose happiness

As with other situations, life after divorce is what you make of it. There is a time to grieve the loss of what used to be, and a time to embrace change. The choice to learn and grow is a personal decision that only you have the power to make.

Divorce is not easy. It changes the trajectory of your life, which can be a good thing. But before you get to that point, it’s important to ensure the divorce goes as smoothly as possible. Pacific Cascade Legal works with you during the divorce process so you’re prepared to take on whatever comes next.