How to develop a parenting plan

In order to develop a parenting plan you need to consider the following factors; you need to look at the age of your kids, you need to look at the living arrangements of you and your spouse or their other parent, you need to think about where your kids are at in their lives, are they in school? Are they going to be in school?

Then you need to think about what holiday traditions you currently have, what traditions you’re going to want after the agreement is in place and will your parenting plan take into consideration all of those traditions and the circumstances that are currently in effect.

You want to look at the school year versus summer time and if there needs to be some differences during the summer time versus the school year. The goal is to try to make your parenting plan last a number of years so that you don’t have to change it over and over again.

Those are just some of the factors to take into consideration but we can definitely help you think through any other circumstances that may be unique to your situation.