What Community Property Is & How It Impacts Family Law and Bankruptcy Cases

Join us as we sit down with Pacific Cascade Legal attorney, Michael Reid, to talk about how community property plays a role in family law and bankruptcy cases. In this interview, Michael answers the following:

•    What Does It Mean That Washington Is a Community Property State?
 •    What Is Community & Separate Property, and How Do They Differ?
 •    Can Separate Property Ever Become Community Property?
 •    Can Our Property Be Community Property If We’re Not Married?
 •    How Are Community and Separate Property and Debts Divided in A Divorce?
 •    Will The Court Just Split Our Community Property 50/50?
 •    Do I Get All of My Separate Property Back After a Divorce?
 •    When Is Community Property Given to The Other Spouse in a Divorce Or Bankruptcy?
 •    What Happens If My Spouse Files a Bankruptcy in Washington?
 •    Does a Prenup Overrule Community Property Laws?
 •    What Happens When an Ex-Spouse Does Not Pay the Community Property Debts?
 •    How Do Community Property Laws Affect Filing for A Bankruptcy?