Final Deadline For Oregon’s Real ID Compliance

Don’t miss your flight—this time the deadline is real!

Back in 2008, the federal government enacted the REAL ID Act, which set out minimum security requirements for the issuance and production of driver’s licenses and identification cards issued by the states, territories, and the District of Columbia in order for federal agencies to accept these documents for official purposes, including access into federal facilities, and boarding federally regulated commercial aircraft.

Since 2008, every state except Oregon has complied. While the state received several extensions, since then, allowing non-compliant Oregon Driver’s licenses to be accepted as identification to board planes. The latest extension runs until May 6, 2025, and will not be renewed, pursuant to an agreement between the Department of Homeland Security and the State of Oregon. This means that, starting on May 7, 2025, without a federally acceptable ID, you will not be able to board an airplane for travel within the U.S. or enter secure federal facilities that require ID for entry.

It is very important for anyone contemplating flying within the United States and who does not currently have a passport to think about getting their Real Oregon ID license as soon as they can. Even if you are not flying, get ready now or that trip your planning to Washington DC, with a visit to the White House, may not happen.

Oregon DMV is expecting a huge rush to get Oregon Real ID cards and recommends you plan early. If your license is expiring soon, you can get the Real ID option next time you renew your Oregon driver license, permit or ID card. To get the Oregon Real ID option, you are going to have to make an appointment at DMV2U. or drop by your local DMV office. You cannot change to Real ID online – you must apply in person and bring the federally required documents to qualify for Real ID.

Since you must apply in person and bring the federally required documents to qualify for Real ID. DMV is urging people to plan ahead so they have completed their visit and received their new card in the mail before any travel – at least 3 months ahead.

Federal law requires that identity, age, and residency documents be scanned and stored by DMV, so you need to bring those documents when you apply for a Real ID – even if you have brought them to Oregon DMV before. Fortunately, DMV has very good online tools to help you determine what documents you must provide if you choose to apply. When to visit you can create a checklist online of the documents you will need to provide if you decide to get a Real ID compliant driver license or ID card. Some things, like a certified birth certificate, can take time to get if you no longer have one, so knowing ahead of time what documents to bring with you is very important.

So start now, get you family members to start now, and avoid any chance that your May 2025 Walt Disney World Vacation won’t be derailed. Then you can go ahead and buy your matching “We’re the _________ Family!” T-shirts without worrying about missing out on Dole Whip and Mickey Bars.