Attorney consultation

Why Case Evaluations Are Important for a Family Law Matter

When you call to speak with an attorney at Pacific Cascade Legal, the first step that we recommend is to set up a case evaluation.

This hour-long meeting between a prospective client and one of our attorneys opens the door for an individual to interview our firm, while we acquire necessary information about their unique case and how we can best help.

Here is what you can expect going into our case evaluation:

It’s an Opportunity for You to Share Your Story

A case evaluation is a valuable time for our attorneys to get to learn about you, your family dynamic, and the legal issue at hand. We put emphasis on this meeting because we care deeply about ensuring that our clients feel heard, understood, and confident that we have a full understanding of the scope of their matter before entering a legal contract.

While we are here to offer legal support, we also understand that, sometimes, legal intervention is not what’s best for a family and, if we feel there are other means of achieving your end goal, we can discuss those options with you during this time.

Our sole purpose is to help you and your family – the means by which that is achieved can vary and we will never advise a prospective client to pursue legal action if we don’t believe it’s the best route for them. If we feel legal action is advisable after hearing your story, then we can begin devising the best plan moving forward and offer legal solutions that can bring your end goal into fruition.

It’s an Opportunity for Us to Create a Game Plan for Your Case

Case evaluations allow our attorneys the chance to create a blueprint of what legitimate steps need to be taken to achieve your desired outcome and to begin explaining legal aspects of your case in a way that makes sense.

We understand that family law is new knowledge for many of the clients who walk through our doors—for those who have limited background in this type of law, this is our opportunity to explain your rights, your opposing parties’ rights, and your available options for moving forward. We take advantage of this time to break down the law in a way that eliminates intimidation and fear of the unknown, and instead explain it in a way that emboldens our clients, and promotes confidence.

This is also an opportunity for you and our attorneys to discuss how your legal matter might impact you financially, professionally, and personally. We are an open book for every prospective client and we take this opportunity to answer any questions you may have, as well as talk through expected expenses for your legal matter. We work with your unique circumstances and budget to strategize different options that feel achievable.

If you’re considering pursuing a family law matter, then our case evaluation is an important first step for weighing your options, gaining valuable legal insight, and beginning the process of creating a strategy. We have found that clients leave these meetings feeling relieved, confident, and informed, knowing that they have a Vancouver, WA divorce attorney in their court who is adept in both law and client relations. Contact us today if you’re ready to set up a meeting and start exploring your options, your rights, and your path towards a better tomorrow.