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Firm Welcomes Two Limited License Legal Technicians to Washington Team

Our firm recently welcomed two Limited License Legal Technician’s (LLLT) to our Washington team.

Christy Carpenter will be joining our Tacoma office, and Dianne Loepker will be joining our Vancouver office. LLLT’s are a relatively new profession, with Washington being the first state to license them. We want our clients to understand how LLLT’s are able to help with them with their family law case, so we asked Dianne to tell us a little bit more about her position, and why LLLT’s are such valuable members of a client’s legal team:

“I am a Limited License Legal Technician (LLLT) licensed by the Washington State Bar Association to practice family law in a limited capacity in Washington State only. In many ways, this position has similarities to a nurse practitioner, who has the authority to meet with patients, give medical advice, prescribe medication, and set a plan for his/her patient, without the supervision of a licensed physician. However, their license does not allow them to perform surgery unsupervised. As an LLT, I have the authority under my license to meet with clients, give legal advice, strategize on a legal plan, draft documents, assist and attend hearings, and negotiate on a client’s behalf, including at Settlement Conferences, without the supervision of a licensed attorney. I cannot, however, argue at trial.”

If you have questions about how Dianne or Christy can help you with your legal case, you can call our office to (360) 605-1000 to get connected.