Steve Altishin

Are You Familiar with Our Firm's Client & Professional Partnership Referral Program?

As Pacific Cascade Legal begins to expand and with the recent opening of our Tacoma office, we are looking forward to growing our list of professional partnerships throughout both Clark and Pierce county. We created this referral program as a means of not only providing our current clients with a helpful resource as they navigate their family law matter, but to ensure that we’re able to connect every member of our community who calls our office with a professional partner who can help them with their needs, even if it’s outside of our office’s scope of practice.​

When people are navigating family law matters, whether it be a divorce, a modification, an adoption, or creating an estate plan, it’s not uncommon for new challenges to arise within their financial, living, and/or work situations. From needing help to understanding their new tax status, to having to repair a leaky faucet, the job of finding the right professional can be daunting and create even more anxiety in this already stressful time of a clients life.

For this reason, our firm has made it a personal mission to create an in-house referral system that will help connect our clients with experienced, reputable professionals who can be valuable resources even after our clients leave our services.

Our Client & Professional Partnership Program is designed to review and assemble these professionals from every area of life, for the sole purpose of helping to connect members of our community with the right professionals for their particular needs. Offered at no cost, it is part of our commitment to serve our client’s total wellness, before, during and after their family law matter, as they seek to move forward with their life.

If you are a professional in Clark or Pierce county, and you feel that your services would be helpful to someone who is navigating a family law matter, we would like to hear from you! Whether you’re a CPA, a therapist, an educator, a realtor, an interior designer, or any other profession which might add value to the life of an individual who is undergoing significant changes, we would love to connect.

Steve Altishin, our Director of Client & Professional Partnerships, is responsible for developing and managing our program, and helps to connect our clients, current and past, with a wide range of hand-selected professionals and other service providers. If you have a need for a referral, or if you think you’d be a great fit for our referral program, please feel to reach out to Steve. You can email him at or call our office at (360) 605-1000 for Vancouver inquiries or (253) 342-7300 for Tacoma inquiries.