Partners at Landerholm Family Law

Pacific Cascade Law Promotes Two New Partners

Partners at Landerholm Family LawThis January, it was with much excitement that Pacific Cascade Legal promoted two of our attorneys to partner: William Jones and Heather Unger. Both Will and Heather will be invaluable additions in ensuring that, amidst continued growth and expansion, Pacific Cascade Law continues to remain one of the best family law firms in the Pacific Northwest.

Lewis Pacific Cascade, Founding Attorney, sees the benefits of having new partners from both a business and a customer service perspective.

“From a firm perspective, Will and Heather have both proven to be important additions and have performed well in their roles—they are integral parts of the future growth of the firm and will provide additional support as we continue to expand,” says Pacific Cascade. “From a client’s standpoint, bringing on new partners was important in ensuring our clients continue to have the best experiences possible amidst that growth. More partners mean more people who can check in on every case and ensure that client's needs are being met the way they expect.”

Will Jones, new partner and Pacific Cascade Legal’s Litigation Direction, believes that the change will strengthen the firm due to the different expertise that each partner brings to the table.

“Lewis, Heather and I all have different strengths in relation to the client and litigation processes, as well as overall client care, and I think that the three of us together can make more client and litigant focused decisions looking at it from different perspectives,” says Jones. “We’re all focused on the same goal—to take care of clients—but I think the three of us together will unify our mission in a way that any one of us couldn’t do on our own.”

As far as changing roles and becoming a new partner goes, Heather Unger is excited for the new opportunity to help elevate the firm and support both clients and staff by taking on a more active managerial and administrative role in such a growth minded and vibrant law firm.

“I really feel like our firm’s ethos is about helping people work through this difficult process entirely— it’s not just about the legal aspect, but the entire transition,” says Unger. “I think the benefit of having multiple partners for the clients is that, while they’ll still get exceptional legal services, they’ll also get better access. With the way that we have the partnership structured, there will always be a managing partner who is aware of what’s going on in their case and who is able to step in and assist when they need it.”

With two new partners on board, it will be exciting to see how Pacific Cascade Legal continues to grow and offer exceptional service and support to clients and staff alike.