What to Expect from a Pacific Cascade Law Case Evaluation

women in business meetingIf you’re debating hiring an attorney, you may find yourself wondering if Pacific Cascade Legal is the right match for you, and if so, how to guarantee that you’re paired with the best attorney for your specific situation. At Pacific Cascade Law, we ensure that our clients are set up for success from our very first meeting through an initial Case Evaluation. So what is a Case Evaluation, and what should you expect going into it?

Tell Your Story

A Case Evaluation is an opportunity for our attorneys to sit down with you personally and walk through the details of your situation, from start to finish. It’s important to us that our clients feel that their current adversity, whatever it may be, is heard and understood through uninterrupted time. Not only is working through your situation critical for our attorneys to devise the best way to help you, but it’s an important personal step for you in moving forward—to be able to summarize your predicament, your concerns, and the end-goals you hope to see come into fruition is pivotal.

Create a Legal Game Plan

Case Evaluations are also invaluable because they allow our attorneys the opportunity to create a blueprint of what legitimate steps need to be taken in your case, and to talk through the legal side of your issue in a way that makes sense. It’s a time that you get to learn about your own legal rights and how the law, and all of its intricacies, applies to you. We break down the law in a way that eliminates the unknown, and instead present it in a manner that emboldens our clients rather than intimidate them. Our attorneys will help you formulate a strategy to understand how your legal situation will impact you personally, professionally and financially, as well as ensure that you’re paired with the best lawyer for your unique case.

If you’re on the fence about moving forward with an attorney, scheduling a Case Evaluation with Pacific Cascade Legal is a great first step in weighing out your options. Clients have time and time again left these meetings feeling relieved and ready to move forward, knowing that they have an attorney who is adept in both law and client relations. There is no harm in exploring your options, your rights, and the benefits of working with some of the top attorneys in Portland, Oregon.