Creating Your Holiday Visitation Schedule

The holidays are a special season people eagerly wait for all year long. There are thoughts of eating spectacular meals, decorating the tree and house, opening presents and enjoying family time together. Children have many memories and expectations that go along with the holidays. When their parents divorce or separate, children could be anxious or fearful their holidays will not be fun anymore. One way to ease their worries is to create a holiday visitation schedule, which offers reassurance and stability.

You have several options when it comes to the holidays and a visitation schedule. First, you and the other parent need to decide how you want to share holiday time. Maybe you will split the day, alternate important holidays, or a combination of both.

As an example, you and your ex-spouse may decide you want to share time on the actual holiday. You make a list of the holidays you want to share, and then decide which parent has the child the beginning of the day and the second half of the day. You should also make arrangements for transportation.

You also need to be flexible during this process. Think about work schedules or other conflicts; you do not want your children staying home alone during the holidays. This means a holiday visitation schedule may differ from your regular setup. It may be hard to alter years of family traditions, but in the long run, it will result in less stress for the entire family.

While a visitation schedule offers you peace of mind during the holidays, it should ultimately be in the best interest of the child. Depending on the child’s age, you may also consider discussing the schedule with them beforehand and getting their input. Whichever method you decide to use, always be open and honest with your child and reassure them the holidays will still be a special family time.

If you have questions about creating or changing a visitation schedule, Pacific Cascade Legal is here to help. We are skilled in providing sound legal advice and will work with you to create a schedule that is in the best interest of all involved. Call us today for a consultation.