Giving Thanks Through Divorce

During the holidays, your social media feeds are usually bursting at the seams with photos of your friends and their families on vacation, buying a Christmas tree, or preparing a holiday meal together. Normally these photos would bring a smile to your face. For people going through a divorce, or who have recently been divorced, this could be a sad time of year rather than one filled with joy and love.

It seems like at every turn you see reminders of how your family dynamics have changed since a separation or divorce, making it harder to give thanks during the holiday season. However, there are ways to focus on the fundamentals and still give thanks, regardless of a divorce or separation.

First, find ways to be thankful. In hard times, it’s easy to look at current circumstances and think things will never improve. You must not forget to give thanks for what you have. It may be tempting to think of what could have been if the divorce hadn’t happened. Rather than give into these thoughts, focus your mind on your well-being, your children and support from neighbors or friends.

Also, take this opportunity to make new traditions. Invite friends over for dinner or volunteer in the community. By volunteering, you can make a hard time better for someone else, which is something they will always cherish and remember. Whatever new traditions you decide to embark on, don’t focus on how things were. Think about how things are now, and what you can create in the future.

A divorce or separation isn’t easy, especially during the holidays. Your routines or traditions will probably change, but it could be a chance to make positive improvements. During the holidays and throughout the year, practice gratitude and be thankful for even the smallest things.