A Home for the Holidays: Your Child's First Holiday Since Adoption

The holidays are a time to connect as a family, whether you are biological relatives or not. Parents have extra time off from work, and children are on winter vacation, making the holidays a perfect opportunity to grow closer to your adopted child. While this could be a challenging time of year for an adopted child, it is also a time for you to strengthen your bond for the months and years to come.

New Traditions

The holidays are made for traditions. Whether it’s decorating cookies, creating homemade ornaments, or driving around the neighborhood looking at Christmas lights, traditions are the heart of the holidays. Children will cherish even the smallest of holiday traditions. These special times create feelings of love and family unity which your child will never forget.

Take Time To Listen

For adopted children, the holidays can bring up feelings that are not present the other 11 months of the year. The best thing you can do is listen to your child. What are they saying — or not saying? If they are uncomfortable with something, find a way to make changes so your child, and the entire family, feels more comfortable. For children, there is nothing more powerful than being heard. Especially during the holidays.

Everyone Should Be Equal

Oftentimes, an adopted child is susceptible to feeling isolated, especially when they join a family which has other children. You may be tempted to treat your adopted child differently from the other kids. Do not do this. It can make the child feel like they are different, when they just want to feel accepted. Whatever you do during the holidays with your other kids, do the same with your adopted child.

The holidays are a magical time of year filled with love, traditions and memories. It is a great time to strengthen bonds with your adopted child and entire family. If you are considering adopting a child, or are in the midst of the adoption process during the holidays, work with an attorney in the new year to complete the process of bringing a new member into your family. At Pacific Cascade Legal, we believe adoptive parents should be able to enjoy every step of the adoption experience without having to worry about legal difficulties or other concerns. Our team is here to manage the paperwork and other legal details associated with your adoption, so you can feel nothing but anticipation and joy as you prepare to bring your child home and throughout the rest of the year. Call today to set up an appointment and bring a child into your home.