Gray Divorce

It’s never too late to be happy. All too often people stay together for their children but after the kids are off to school and forming families of their own, you and your spouse may be left behind, seemingly trapped in an unhappy marriage. Portland is a hip town with events happening all the time, now, with dating websites catering to all demographics it is no longer impossible to find a companion later in life. You no longer have to settle for an unsatisfying or incompatible partner.

Chances are if you are feeling burnt out on your marriage so is your spouse. Take some time to reflect on what you really need and want out of life. If your spouse does not fit those aspirations, try marriage counseling and if you are still unhappy do not be afraid to consider divorce. Decoupling late in life is nerve racking because of the financial uncertainties. No matter whether you are the bread winner or working inside the home, the fact is that it costs more to maintain two households.

Whether your divorce is litigated or a mediated uncontested co-petition, it is important to have a carefully crafted judgment protecting you in retirement. A dissolution properly planned out can preserve a foundation for you to be free of worry and able to really find the happiness you deserve. Just because you are divorcing does not mean you cannot maintain a close friendship after the judgment has been signed. The fact of the matter is that no legal document can undo the years of memories, successes, support and accomplishments you experienced together.

The time is now to get more out of life, reignite your passions, all the while maintaining the life style you worked so hard to achieve. With the right attorney guiding your case life can be fun again. Let our years of experience create a plan of action that is right for you and your family. There is nothing greater than a strong foundation to start a new life.