Flat Fee Representation

Portland Family Law Attorneys

At Landerholm Family Law, we offer Flat Fee representation for ALL contested and uncontested divorce and child custody cases.

Many attorneys offer flat fees for uncontested divorces. What this means is that both parties agree on all of the issues to be resolved in the divorce and an attorney proceeds to draw up the documents to be entered with the court. It is uncommon that divorcing parties agree on all issues which means that most parties don’t qualify for flat fee representation.

We strive to give our clients control throughout their divorce starting with offering a controllable Flat Fee contested divorce option.

Why do you offer Flat Fees for contested divorce and child custody cases?

Because our clients and attorneys like representationbetter. For our clients, they no longer have to wonder how much their bill is going to be month to month. For our attorneys, we no longer have to live in a billable hour day. We are free to work on your case without watching the clock.

Does this mean it will be cheaper?

representationis not always the cheaper option for our clients, but it is the controllable option. We give our clients a choice whether to use a traditional hourly rate fee agreement or a Flat Fee agreement. The Flat Fee option is not for everyone.

How do we set the Flat Fee?

We meet to do an extensive consultation to determine the contested issues in your case. At the end of that meeting we will provide you with a Flat Fee quote for your case based on the projected number of hearings involved in your case and the number of contested issues in your case.

Is there anything that the Flat Fee doesn’t cover?

The Flat Fee does not cover court costs, expert fees, service fees, and trial time in court for the ultimate day of court in your case. The reason it is not included in the Flat Fee is because 95% or more of divorces settle without the need for the final trial. We do not build in these fees into the Flat Fee quote because most clients do not need the final day of trial to resolve their case, they settle out of court.

If you would like to know how much your contested divorce and child custody case is going to cost you from the beginning, call Landerholm Family Law for a Flat Fee consultation.