CourtCare Program Provides Childcare for Parents with Trial

undefinedThere are times when a family law case, whether it be a divorce, a child custody modification, an adoption or an estate planning matter, needs to be presided over by a judge within a courtroom. While trials and hearings can be effective ways for decisions to be made so that both parties can move forward, it’s certainly not a place for children.

No child should have to witness conflict sorted within a courtroom, as such exposure can lead to distress and lasting trauma. In addition to this, many judges won’t even allow children within a courtroom, due to the necessity for a distraction-free environment. For many parents, these dilemmas can create scheduling conflicts and increased pressure to an already stressful situation, and the absence of child-care options can be frustrating and overwhelming. So, what can you do in this situation? How can you protect your child from conflict exposure between Mom and Dad while locking in a child-care arrangement that suits both you and your kid?

It's situations such as these that led to the creation of CourtCare. With a rising need for a safe environment for children whose parents needed to go to court, different groups of individuals in a variety of counties have come together to provide support and funding for families in need of these services. Courtcare is backed by different organizations in each county, but the mission remains the same: to create a safe and nurturing environment for all children to learn and grow under supervision during the interim periods of their parent’s trials.

If you have a family law matter that is requiring a hearing or trial in Portland or Salem, CourtCare may be a viable option to ensure that your children are in good hands while you attend to your legal matter. There are active CourtCare programs that could be of service to our clients in Multnomah County, Marion County and Polk County. Each program has slightly different restrictions, so make sure you get in contact with your local CourtCare to discuss your options. We know that family law matters can be stressful, and finding childcare for your hearing shouldn’t be one of them. Thanks to programs like CourtCare, you can walk into court with a clear mind, and the confidence that you child is well-taken care of and protected from family conflict.