When is the best time to modify a parenting plan?

When Is the best time to modify a parenting plan? So in order to modify a parenting plan, what happens is you must first file for a hearing. And that hearing is going to occur five to six months from the time when you first file typically. It can be longer, it could be a little bit shorter. So if you're looking to modify, you don't want to go file a modification when you want the change to occur next month. So if you're in the middle of the school year and you're recognizing that there are some problems in your parenting plan, you don't want to wait until August of the following year to hopefully get those changes in place before the next school year. You really need to be looking in February and March, getting your case filed so that you can get in front of a judge and those changes will come into play before the following school year. It's just like when anything changes in your parenting plan, go talk to an attorney because there could be a number of different reasons why to file right away or to wait a little bit longer. It really just depends on what's happening in your family.