What is a no-fault dissolution?

What is a no fault dissolution? The concept of a no fault dissolution is somewhat more modern. A better term for that might be what is a fast track dissolution? What is a divorce that can happen in an accelerated timeline? In Oregon, we have a proceeding in order to fast track a divorce when parties have an amount of property that is equal to or less than approximately $30,000, where spousal support or child support are not an issue and there are no custody issues.

The advantage of going through a proceeding on a fast track is that you don't have to appear in front of a judge. You can appear in front of an arbitrator, which eliminates some of the court timelines. Even if there is a dispute about things, you can deal with that with an arbitrator rather than having to wait for the court's docket. In general, a fast track dissolution may be appropriate for some people, but most people have support concerns or child concerns, and it's not appropriate for those issues.