What are the ramifications of not paying child support?

What are the ramifications of not paying child support in Oregon? Child support takes the form of a money judgment. Those money judgments, typically as issued by the court, come out every month. Once a money judgment is issued by the court every month when child support becomes due it is not modifiable. You cannot go back in time and change those. If you need to modify your child support obligation, it can only be from the date of service of your motion on the other party. If someone is not paying their child support, those judgments can be executed on that could be garnishment of wages, could be wage withholding. It could be garnishment of a bank account, seizure of personal property. It could take the form of, say, a lien on real property and possibly a foreclosure. If the state gets involved in collection and you have an arrearage balance, that's called it marginally to exceedingly high. They can pull professional licenses, including your driver's license. If you're unable to make your child support payments, you need to file a modification as quickly as possible because, again, those judgments become due and are not modifiable every month on the date that the judgment says they're due.