What are the factors that determine parenting time schedules?

What are the factors that would determine the parenting time schedule? There are a number of factors we use to help build parenting plans for our clients. They range from where do both parents live? How old are the kids? How many kids? Are they in school? Are they not in school?

What are the different religious preferences of clients? What are the travel restrictions or the travel challenges of a specific family? So there's no one size fits all plan that we build for clients. Our plans are unique to each individual client and we really take into consideration what will work best for the family unit so that this plan can last as long as possible. Our goal is to build a plan that will work for you for five to seven years into the future so you don't have to go back and modify so our jobs when creating parenting plans are to help you look into the future, decide where the potential issues or where the problems in decision making are going to be, and then proactively plan against those. So we take a lot of time to make sure that those plans will work for you as long as possible.