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Can I Do My Divorce Myself?

A DIY Project You Shouldn’t Undertake

DIY projects give you an opportunity to show you can take a relatively complex task and handle it on your own while saving money, and while it may be fun to try things such as making a table or changing your own oil, divorce is not a project that should be viewed in this way. Trying to go through a divorce and all of the intricacies surrounding the process all on your own can be a daunting challenge, which is why it is wiser to work with an attorney for your divorce.

Read on to learn reasons why DIY divorce should stay off your project list.

Legal Knowledge and Expertise

While you may have a general understanding of divorce and some of its components, you may not be a legal expert and know your state’s guidelines regarding the process. Because of this lack of expertise, the chances of making a mistake on something as simple as paperwork or at some point throughout the process increase. Your better bet is to work with an attorney; you can trust that they have the knowledge of divorce law necessary to successfully handle your case.

The Need for Attention to Detail

In addition to having the knowledge necessary to handle a divorce, you must also be able to ensure accuracy in everything you do throughout the process. Your attention to detail must be high, and you must be able to ensure you are handling the process correctly and following the proper protocols.

While you may think you can catch mistakes easily, the reality is that your mind will be in multiple places throughout a divorce; you may be trying to focus on the process but may suffer from distractions. Putting your case in the hands of a divorce attorney allows them to scrutinize everything for accuracy as the process moves forward.

Keeping Cool

Your emotions are going to run all over the place in divorce; you may feel sad one moment and angry the next. These waves can make focusing on the process incredibly difficult, especially if you are trying to handle your case on your own. The ability to keep your emotions in check during a divorce is crucial to handling the process successfully.

Because of the distress you may go through during a divorce, it is far wiser to work with an attorney who will keep calm under the pressure. Your attorney is focused on handling your case and meeting your needs, allowing you to go through the grieving process and heal.

Let the Experts Handle Your Divorce

Saving money in a divorce by trying to handle your case on your own can lead to increased costs, both seen and unseen. Rather than balance working on your case with managing your other activities and emotions, put your case in the hands of an attorney who will navigate the challenges with you and guide you to the other side. The attorneys at Pacific Cascade Legal know that divorce can be difficult; we are here to help you move forward one step at a time.

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