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Preparing for Divorce Heading Into the New Year

Questions to Ask as You Prepare

The new year is just around the corner, and many people are preparing to begin their new year with a difficult decision: filing for divorce. Divorce is a process that requires careful attention to detail at all points throughout the process, so taking time early on to get things that you will need ready can make steps later on in the process go much more smoothly.

To help you as you prepare to get a divorce in the upcoming new year, here are several questions to answer that can guide your thinking.

Have You Taken an Accurate Asset Inventory?

One of the most time-consuming steps in a divorce is the preparation of an accurate inventory of all of your assets, and this includes your debts, as well. All assets and debts, whether you owned something prior to getting married or you came into possession of an asset while you and your spouse were married, must be accounted for. While you wait to file for divorce, it might help you now to prepare this inventory and begin taking account of everything you own.

Do You Have Your Paperwork Together?

Divorce involves a lot of paperwork ranging from typical identification documents such as Social Security cards and drivers’ licenses to documents outlining ownership of an asset such as a real estate title or a vehicle title. There may also be a need for financial documents such as bank account statements and credit card statements, along with similar information.

Using the time you have now before you file for divorce, start gathering these important documents and store them in a safe place you have easy access to. This avoids the headache of scrambling to find a piece of information later on when the court requests it.

Is Your Support Circle Ready?

Divorce can be one of the most difficult times a person can go through. For this reason, no one preparing to go through a divorce should try and tackle this process alone; take the time now to inform your closest friends and family members who you trust of your plans. Keep them close; these people can be both a listening ear and a comforting presence during your divorce.

Have You Met With an Attorney?

Perhaps one of the most key resources you could have during a divorce is an attorney who knows the law and can guide you throughout each step of the process. Attempting to handle a divorce on your own can be incredibly difficult and even impossible at times. An attorney, however, can use their knowledge and skills to help you determine the best course of action throughout your divorce.

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