Aurora Levinson

Pacific Cascade Legal Expands Bilingual Team

Aurora Levinson and Lisette Santiago MejiaIt’s a personal mission of Pacific Cascade Legal to be a resource for the whole of every community we have the privilege to call our own. Whether that be Portland, Vancouver, Salem, Oregon City, or the countless future communities in which we will find ourselves planted, we want to be a firm that has the vision, the heart, and the resources to be advocates for anyone who finds themselves in the midst of a family law matter.

Developing the team and the resources to bring this mission to life has been a priority that we’ve had our sights set on, which is why we’re so excited that, with the onboarding of our two new bilingual employees Aurora Levinson and Lisette Santiago Mejia, we are now able to better serve Spanish-speaking clients than ever before.

According to the Oregon Community Foundation, Oregon’s Latino population is growing at a faster rate than the national average—between 2000 and 2016, Oregon’s Latino population grew by 72%, with 12% of the state’s population being comprised of Latino individuals.

That’s 12% of Oregon’s community members—mothers, fathers, siblings, children and grandparents—that we want to establish relationships with and serve to the very best of our ability. Communication between an attorney and their client is key to making the legal process as smooth and favorable as possible, while ensuring the outcome is what the client envisioned and hoped for. It is our goal to eliminate language barriers that keep families from feeling capable of receiving the legal counsel they need and deserve, which is why the inductions of our new Associate Attorney Aurora and her Legal Assistant Lisette is so exciting for our firm—as bilingual speakers, they will be able to offer better support and counsel for our Spanish-speaking clients from this point forward.

With Aurora and Lisette at our Portland office, and Tessa Cohen, our bilingual Attorney at our Vancouver, WA office, we are now better suited to serve our community. If you are outside of these cities, don’t worry—through technology and a willingness to travel, our bilingual employees can be available resources regardless of distance. Growing our bilingual team is a goal we are overjoyed to have accomplished, and a goal we will not stop striving to refine and improve with every passing year. If you have a loved one who is a Spanish speaker and is in need of legal counsel, please let them know that Pacific Cascade Legal is here to help, here to listen, and here to advocate for the legal rights of every member of our community.