Spend Time with Family at Portland's Cinco de Mayo Fiesta

undefinedSpending time with loved ones and creating memories by getting outside and experiencing something out of the “norm” is an aspect of life and a family’s well-being that every member of Pacific Cascade Legal sees huge value in. We love to see families prioritizing life together, and want to be catalysts in encouraging loved ones to take the time and effort to be active members in each other’s lives—and fun is a huge part of that! With Cinco de Mayo falling on a Sunday this year, and the weather forecast predicting weather in the 70’s, this weekend may be the perfect opportunity to get outdoors with your family and celebrate this colorful and festive holiday.

The origin of Cinco de Mayo dates back to the 1862, when Mexico’s army defeated the French at the Battle of Puebla amidst the Franco-Mexican war. While this day is of lesser significance in Mexico than other, more major holidays, it has grown to be an adored and highly-anticipated day of celebration in the United States—a holiday that brings awareness and appreciation towards Mexican heritage.

If you live in the greater Portland area and are hoping to get the family outdoors to celebrate, Portland’s 35th annual Cinco De Mayo Fiesta is being held all weekend and will be cultivating activities for people of all ages to enjoy and experience Latin American culture. Located at the Tom McCall Waterfront Park in downtown Portland, this festival is described as “the largest multicultural festival in the state of Oregon.” Sound too good to be true? We’ve listed a few of the events being held at the festival throughout the weekend that you won’t want to pass up:

Taste Your Way Through Latin America

If you’re curious to try authentic Latin American cuisine, you’ll want to stop by the Fiesta Food Court to get your hands, and your taste buds, on some of Portland’s finest. Food will be cooked and provided by local families, cooks from restaurants, and some of Portland’s best food carts, and from the sound of it, the cuisine line up will not disappoint. To get an idea of what you might find, the festival states that Pupusas from El Salvador, Empanadas and Arepas from Venezuela and Colombia, fresh-churros and all of the beautifully seasoned meats you can imagine will be available, along with so much more.

Plaza de Niños

The Plaza de Niños is a space where all children and their families are welcome to explore the culture of Mexico through a variety of crafts and activities. Events for the kids to look forward to includes free face painting all day of Cinco de Mayo designs, a variety of crafts (such as a personal piñata!), and a rest area for all family members needing to take a little break from the festivities.

Amateur Boxing Matches & Lotería

Don’t worry—this is in fact a kid-friendly event, and one that the whole family will likely enjoy! This This “Best of the Best” event will be a two-day long event, showcasing the top 4 amateur boxers in certain age/weight categories. The ultimate winner will be dubbed with a Mexican-themed championship belt.

Lotería is a game similar to bingo, and was brought to Mexico in 1769. Unlike Bingo, which uses numbers, Lotería uses images on a board, and the first person to fill their board will win a prize. The festival will have up to 150 Lotería prizes available each day, making this a fun and exciting form of entertainment for the entire family.

These are only a few of the activities that will be held at Portland’s Cinco de Mayo Fiesta this weekend—without a doubt, it will be a celebration that brings families and the Portland community together with memorable entertainment and an authentic view into the flavors, sounds, colors and culture of Mexican culture. If you’re looking for an opportunity to spend time with family, head downtown for this unique experience, and enjoy every moment with your loved ones.