Dating During Divorce: It Could Hurt You.

During the period while your divorce is pending, you may want to start a new relationship. However, we advise you to weigh all the consequences before doing so. Dating during that time usually upsets the other party and can create legal challenges, especially if children are involved.

Oregon is a no-fault divorce state, meaning marital fault can’t be used as grounds for divorce, but dating can play an indirect role in determining the terms of your divorce.

Oregon decides custody based on what is in the best interest of the child. If you are dating, your child may disapprove of the relationship and want to spend less time with you. This could put a strain on your relationship with your kids. If the court finds the bond between your spouse and children is stronger than your bond with them, it could mean your spouse is awarded more when it comes to custody.

Oregon courts also have the power to award spousal support after considering both spouses’ needs and ability to pay. Dating before or during a divorce is not necessarily a major factor, but cohabitating with someone could affect how the court interprets your financial needs.

Dating and divorce should be considered very carefully. There could be several emotional and legal ramifications down the road. Our firm knows about the legal implications of dating during your divorce, and can help explain what the best course of action is for your situation.