Picking the Firm That's Right for You

Man and Woman Negotiating

Your relationship with your attorney is one of the most important bonds you will ever forge. When going through a divorce or custody battle it’s important to have representation that meets your individual needs. In this blog entry we will explore the different types of Portland law firms and the advantages and dis advantages and disadvantages of each.

The Big Firm

When selecting a big firm you know that you are going to have the gravitas of having a big name behind you, but what’s behind the big name? Often the larger firms are handcuffed with gigantic overhead that gets passed down to the client. More often than not, even when you hire a very experienced attorney, that attorney is doling out work to brand new associates. The big firm is a relic of the mid-twentieth century and as all dinosaurs it will one day be extinct. So what will replace it?

The Solo Practitioner

Hiring a solo practitioner is a great way to save some money and get to know your attorney personally. Often the solo practitioner is flexible with payment plans and you know exactly which attorney is working on your case. The downside of a solo attorney is that not only are they a full time lawyer, they are also a full time businessman running everything from book keeping, marketing, managing billing and the list goes on and on. With all the extra demands on the solo practitioners time it’s no wonder that solo practitioner make up the lion’s share of malpractice claims and bar complaints.

The Mid-Size Firm

Lean and mean the mid-size firm can offer you the efficiency of the big frim with the personal touch of the solo practitioner. Often mid-size firms are large enough to have administrative staff handling all of the non-legal work of a law firm and a low amount of overhead so the savings gets passed down to the client. Also, with a mid-size firm communication is key, your case is typically assigned to one attorney that handles each aspect of your case and gives you a weekly update.

The Unbundled Firm

With an unbundled firm there are no frills and the extremely low overhead is passed on to the client. This type of firm is great for the client that just wants some paper work done or a few legal questions answered. The greatest benefit to this type of legal relationship is that the client will know the cost of services before beginning the legal relationship.

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