Drew Barrymore Finalizes Divorce at Lightning Speed

Actress and Hollywood starlet Drew Barrymore hit the fast track with her divorce, finishing up her case just a few weeks after filing the documents in her dissolution of marriage case. According to The Los Angeles Times, Barrymore filed for divorce from her then-husband Will Kopelman on July 15, 2016 in the state of New York. Her divorce was finalized just a couple weeks later on August 3, 2016.

These two stars did not make any court appearances in their divorce, as their case was uncontested and they were in full agreement about the terms of the divorce. And even though their case was uncontested, both Barrymore and Kopelman were represented by attorneys in their divorce case. Their case is an example of how quickly couples can get divorced if there are full agreements.

The state of Oregon generally allows couples to get divorced quickly in uncontested cases. Unlike other states, Oregon does not have a mandatory waiting period to get divorced. In theory, it’s possible to end your marriage within a day of filing for dissolution. However, the reality is that many Oregon courts will not be able to finalize a divorce until a couple weeks after the filing due to the time it takes to review dissolution documents as well as other administrative issues that often come up. Still, a couple weeks is much better than waiting a year, which is the law in some states.