5 Signs That a DIY Divorce Could be Right for You

We live in the midst of a do-it-yourself revolution. Thanks to the internet and the expansive and instantaneous reach of information, it’s possible to find instructions to build or do just about anything in the click of a button.

However, there are certain things that, no matter how in depth your instructions, you really should never attempt to do yourself. For instance, you should not attempt a do-it-yourself open-heart surgery. You should probably avoid defending yourself in a capital murder trial. And it’s probably best to avoid become a self-taught bomb-defuser. Some things are better left to the professionals.

One might think that a divorce would fall into the category of “avoid doing this yourself,” but many people have found that a self-service divorce is the perfect solution for their family. It’s certainly not for everyone, but certain people stand to benefit greatly from the advent of the DIY divorce. Below we’ve outlined five signs that a do-it-yourself divorce could be right for you. Please remember, this is not legal advice for your specific situation. If you are not sure what type of divorce will work best for you, consult with an experienced family law attorney like those at Pacific Cascade Legal.

1) Spouses in agreement

When most people hear “divorce,” they assume it means a highly contested court battle over kids and assets. However, some couples who elect to get a divorce are in nearly perfect agreement about the terms of their split. They simply recognize that they are not suited for each other, and want to amicably part ways. If you and your spouse are in full agreement that a divorce is necessary, and about the terms of how the divorce should be carried out (with regard to division of assets, parenting plans, etc), you are a good candidate for a self-service divorce.

2) Comparable incomes

With regard to the division of assets, if you and your spouse have highly comparable incomes, it should be easier to agree upon things like alimony and child support. When there is a major disparity in spousal incomes, there is usually going to be some form of disagreement or contestation, which means a DIY divorce would not suit such a couple.

3) Relatively non-complex assets

If you and your spouse own very little property or have very few assets, you can probably handle dividing them on your own. The DIY divorce process is meant to simplify and streamline the divorce process, which is not possible when you have highly complex and intermingled assets.

4) Affordability is important

Self-service divorces are much more affordable than a traditional divorce. You avoid most of the court costs and other associated fees by handling everything yourself. Affordability should not be the sole reason you elect to use this method, but it is certainly an added bonus.

5) Speed

As we mentioned before, by staying out of court and avoiding contestation over terms of your divorce, a self-service divorce will streamline the entire process. You can wrap up your divorce quickly and efficiently.

As we mentioned before, do-it-yourself divorce is NOT for everyone. You must thoroughly think through all of your options and make sure you will be able to handle the rigors of a self-service divorce before making a decision. We suggest consulting with Pacific Cascade Legal to discuss which divorce options would be right for you. We can help you with a full service divorce, or we can help guide you and advise you through a DIY divorce. Just give us a call to get started.